7 Ways to Change Your Life in the Next 7 Days

7 Ways to Change Your Life in the Next 7 Days

Life change may seem to take years to achieve but there are steps you can walk today, and in the next week, that perhaps can change your life forever.

Most are little steps, but when combined together, they can create significant and lasting change.

Here are 7 ways to change your life in the next 7 days:

1. Change your words and phrases

One of the most effective ways to change your life is to change your attitude and mindset. And the best way to change your attitude and mindset is to remove certain words and phrases from your vocabulary, replacing them with others that are more positive.

It might take some time to remove negative phrases and words because you’ve gotten so used to them. But once you start using new words and phrases that are more positive, you’ll be surprised at how, almost instantly, people around you react differently and how you look at the world around you in a fresh way.

Your entire life changes without you having to change everything.

Here are some words and phrases you might want to stop using:

- “It’s just one of those days.”

- “Same s**t, different day.”

- “Same old, same old.”

- “Pretty good.”

- “What’s the world coming to?”

- “Kids these days.”

- “I can’t.”

- “I don’t know.”

- “The good old days.”

(Suggested by Lyved reader Tyler)

- Hate

It’s such a powerful word that has become too common in our vocabulary.

- Retarded

I don’t know why people insist on using this word to describe something they don’t like or understand.

- Gay

(Requested by Lyved reader Max based on the same negative use as “retarded”)

For some ideas on what you can start saying to improve your life and make lasting, positive change, please read our article: 50 Things to Say Before You Die.

2. Count your blessings

We all get caught up and forget to reflect on how fortunate we are. So in the next 7 days, take an hour and think about:

- What you’re glad to have experienced

Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s a bad experience, but it’s shaped who you are. For me, one thing I’m glad I experienced was growing up in poverty.

- What you’re fortunate to have

Family, food, and shelter.

- What you’re fortunate to not have

It could be sickness or massive debt.

3. Dust off your bucket list

Take out your list of things to do before you die and find something you can do in the next week. Or write something new down and do it!

4. Wake up claiming the “Best. Day. Ever.”

One day can positively change your entire life. And that one day needs to start with one good morning.

During the next 7 days, wake up claiming that it will be the “Best. Day. Ever.” and try your hardest to maintain that attitude all day.

5. Try something you think you’re bad at

Perhaps you think you’re horrible at singing, writing, basketball, or some other talent. But perhaps you’ve just never really given yourself the time to attempt. And if you do, you might find a new talent for yourself.

6. Declare your life’s purpose

It can certainly be done in a week with focus and a bit of work.

To help you, here is one of our articles you might be interested in reading: 5 Easy Pieces to Piecing Together Your Purpose in Life

7. Recognize change happens constantly

Every single day your life changes no matter what. Even if you go through the same routine over and over again, no two days are ever the same. Recognize this and even the days of adversity and pain will become bearable because you know that “good new days” lie ahead.

Have any of these 7 ways helped you? Or do you have other ways we can change our lives in 7 days? Share in our comments section below!

Photo by Zwaddi via Unsplash

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  • http://www.lyved.com/ Andrew Galasetti

    Have you tried any of these 7 things? Has your life improved? I’d love to hear about your successes and struggles with these 7 ways.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


  • http://www.lyved.com/ Andrew Galasetti

    “1. Change your words and phrases”

    I can’t express enough how much of an impact this has on your attitude and life. I know when I’ve had negative episodes in my life, the negative words and phrases I use bring me down even more or resulted in me changing from being positive to negative. Words have power!