Escaping Cape Fear: 9 Ways To Not Let Fear Stop You

Cape Fear. It’s not only a physical place in North Carolina and a movie by Martin Scorsese, but it’s an imaginary place we create in our minds. It has treacherous waters on three sides and our biggest fears blocking our only route out.

On the other side of these fears is everything we desire; from our dream job to immense success to happiness. So how do we get to the other side? We need to escape!

Here are 9 ways to go about it and not let fear stop you.

1. Understand that fear is your greatest obstacle

Not the lack of knowledge, money, success, or the circumstances you’re facing can stop you from achieving what you desire like fear. Fear not only stops you, but it paralyzes you.

What’s great is that YOU create your fears, so YOU can beat them.

2. Laugh

If you can make fun of yourself and make others laugh during a nerve-racking experience, fear basically disappears. And if you think about it, laughter is more powerful than fear. It can change lives and bring people together.

3. Face fear directly

How do you achieve success?

You face the hard work and persistence it takes to get there.

How do you get over your past?

You face your memories.

So how do you overcome fear?

You’ve got to stare it right in the face and smell its stinky breath.

How do you stare fear in its face? There’s no clear cut way to do it. It varies so much because of different situations. But the most common instance when one needs to face fear is during a desperate moment. Moments when you’re either going to make it or break it. These times are often difficult to plan for.

However, you’ll know when you need to face fear right at eye level. It’s a personal experience and no one can tell you when and how to really do it.

4. Know that fear means you’re doing new things

If you want the same ol’, you do the same ol’. But if you want to change something in your life, you must try and do new things. Doing things you’ve never done in your life will produce fear.

So if you’re fearful, you might actually be on a good path.

5. Don’t tell others you’re scared

You might not completely agree with this, but don’t always tell other people that you’re scared or fearful of something. When you do, you give yourself permission to display your nervousness and fears, and you set yourself up to make mistakes.

There are plenty of ways to relieve your nerves and stress without you directly telling others. Stretching and deep breaths can help.

6. Compare the fear with your end result

When confronted with a fear take a few moments and compare the fear with the end result on the other side.

Is the time and energy you put into the fear worth destroying your dreams, goals, successes, and hard work you put in? I highly doubt it. Realizing this will push you to just go for it!

7. Acknowledge that fear exists for a reason

Not only does having fear mean that you’re human and not a robot, but fear is also one of those necessary obstacles that separates those who want something from those who have a burning desire for that same something.

If there was no fear every single person in this world would be hugely successful.

8. Think back

Think back to a time or times when you let fear get the best of you. What did you miss out on? What opportunities passed you by?

Don’t get frustrated with your past mistakes, but don’t allow fear to force you to repeat them.

9. Remind yourself that you’ve got one shot!

Life doesn’t last for very long. We need to remind ourselves of this all the time.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Photo by Capture Queen ™
Body & Soul | January 23rd, 2009 | Written by Andrew Galasetti