50 Unconventional Things to Do in Your Lifetime

50 Unconventional Things to Do in Your Lifetime

Most bucket lists are filled with activities such as skydiving and visiting the Great Wall of China. But there are many fun and exciting things that are often overlooked. Sometimes it is because the activities are small, while other times it’s because they are strange or seem unfeasible to the average person. But who cares! Having fun often means being unconventional and crazy.

Here is a list of 50 unconventional things to do in your lifetime. You may find a few to add to your bucket list, and if you have others, share in our comments section below! Also post on your Facebook wall to see what sort of fun, unconventional things your family and friends always wanted to do.

1. Search for UFOs and aliens in Roswell, New Mexico.

2. Go on a ghost tour.

3. Race a car or motorcycle on the salt flats of Utah.

4. Walk on a boardwalk at 2 am.

5. Be in a movie, whether as an extra or as the star.

6. Pan for gold in a mountain stream.

7. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day.

8. Go outside and dance in a rainstorm.

9. Become a viral video star.

10. Take the tour of Disney World’s underground tunnel system.

11. Camp at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

12. Have a credit on IMDB.com.

13. Be in a talk show audience.

14. Help someone help their self.

15. Adopt a pet from a shelter or rescue group.

16. Inner tube down a river.

17. Run a business.

18. Visit a food factory.

19. Go camping somewhere that has no contact to the outside world.

20. Help family members achieve their goals and dreams.

21. Watch all the top-rated films of all time.

22. Take a spontaneous road trip.

23. Write an article for a newspaper or magazine.

24. Fail several times at something.

25. Make an oil painting.

26. Work at a zoo or aquarium.

27. Create a website.

28. Work a job you hate.

29. Get to know yourself and those closest to you.

30. Hunt for treasure.

31. Confront at least one of your big fears.

32. At least attempt to tackle every dream and goal you’ve ever had.

33. Befriend an enemy.

34. Make friends with very successful people.

35. Take one day to just watch the clouds and take one night just to watch the stars.

36. Travel for a full year.

37. Raise a Seeing Eye puppy.

38. Read all your favorite books again.

39. Work less, LIVE more.

40. Vacation on a houseboat.

41. Find what you were meant to do.

42. Live without email, texting, Facebook, etc. for a week.

43. Join a peaceful protest for a cause you support.

44. Be on a TV news program for something positive.

45. Watch a movie being filmed.

46. Stomp grapes at a vineyard.

47. Create an invention.

48. Get your name and biography on Wikipedia.

49. Learn how to drive a tractor.

50. Do all your favorite things from childhood: skip rocks, build a tree house, go fishing, whatever, but have fun!

What are some other unconventional things we should do? Post them in the comments below. We need more ideas! Also post this list on your Facebook wall with your own ideas and see what unconventional things your family and friends want to do. Maybe you want to do the same things and can take action and cross them off your list! Use this Facebook button to post on your wall:

Photo by Caroline Gutman via Unsplash

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  • http://www.lyved.com/ Andrew Galasetti

    I’ve accomplished many of these but still have more to go, like “42. Live without email, texting, Facebook, etc. for a week.” That’s a tough one! Especially when you’re in charge of a business like Lyved. But it really is great to take a break from all this tech; it lets your mind refresh (no tech pun intended). If you can’t do this one for a whole week yet, do it for dinner, each night, on Sundays, on Saturdays and Sundays, and then work your way up to a week when you’re on vacation or something (those Instagram vacation photos can wait!). You might end of developing a healthy habit rather than just checking this off your list one time.

  • http://myneongreennotebook.blogspot.com/ feefeertr

    Another good one (that was actually on mine) was to be on a billboard…that was fun!

  • http://www.lyved.com/ Andrew Galasetti

    That’s a great one! Definitely unconventional. Must have been fun to see yourself up there.

    51. Get your face on a billboard.

    Thanks for sharing!