What Dogs Can Teach You About Life

What Dogs Can Teach You About Life

Dogs are man’s best friend, but are they much more than that? Are they man’s best teacher? There are many subtle things that dog’s can teach us about life. You have to dig deep but there are some lessons to be learned from them.

You should always be happy

No matter what life throws at you, you should always be happy. You can be down while a bad event is happening, but a few hours later or the next day you should bounce back. Dogs can be in the worst circumstances, such as horrible living conditions, but they always seem to make themselves happy, find the ability to forgive, and move on.

It’s great to meet new people

You should try to meet new people as often as you can. You never know where it can lead. You could find your true love, create some new business contacts, or maybe even save a life. Dogs always want to meet every other dog that comes in their path.

You should enjoy getting out

Get excited about getting outside, taking a walk, and seeing what’s going on in the neighborhood. Dogs love to see, smell, and hear the environment around them. They can walk down the same path everyday, but they’ll be just as excited as the first time they went.

Try to have some fun

No matter where you are, or what situation you are in, try to laugh and have some fun! It’ll make things much easier on yourself and those around you. Dogs can have fun anywhere and with so little; give them a stick and they’re happy.

Dogs and all animals are wiser than we seem to give them credit for. What has your dog taught you about life? Share in the comments below.

Photo by Jay Mantri

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  • http://www.lyved.com/ Andrew Galasetti

    Since writing this post, I adopted a stray cat. I’ve always been more of a dog person. I liked cats, but always wanted to get a puppy. Anyway, this little stray cat came into my family’s life and we adopted him. I think we’re all now cat people too! He’s been a lot of fun and brought many positive “things” into our lives. Cats can teach you a lot about life as well. All animals can.