At a loss for words

In the almost five years that Lyved has been online, I have often found it necessary to reflect on profound events, whether an event is from the past or from the present.

I cannot write about everything that happens across the world or even across the United States. And perhaps I cannot provide much when I do write about an event. But I try my very best to instill in you, some sense of hope, inspiration, solace, or any iota of positivity against, what seems to be, a sea of negativity and hate.

With the tragedy in Connecticut, I am at a loss for words.

I am a writer and I am at a loss for words.

What could I possibly write, regarding such a tragedy, that would bring positivity to you and other readers?

All I can think to write is:

- Say “thank you”.

- Hold the door open for everyone you can.

- Be kind – not only to others but to yourself.

- Teach your children to respect animals and all living things.

- Respect animals and all living things yourself.

- Create art: music, writing, painting, or whatever your calling may be.

- Don’t have a passion for art? Utilize whatever passion you may have for positivity.

- Feel that you don’t have a passion or purpose? Look harder. Give yourself one. Do whatever it is you need to do. You have passion. You have purpose. You are here for a reason.

- Wake up tomorrow with as little regret as possible and as much motivation as possible to make what you can of the day.

- Do not feel hopeless and helpless. Even when many will say that these actions are simplistic. They are correct. These actions are simple. And that is what makes them so powerful. Their simplicity means that each of us can do something, anything, to bring positivity to others and to this world.

Image by: Kalyan Kanuri

Misc | December 16th, 2012 | Written by Andrew Galasetti