Miscellaneous ramblings for thought

Don’t pursue perfection… pursue betterment

Perfection is boring. When we’re perfect what do we have to work for? Instead of trying to be absolutely perfect, each day pursue being a little better than you were the day before.

Your biggest obstacle/battle is with yourself

The biggest walls that stand in the middle of your roads are created by you. The walls are built from your fears, self-doubt, and other factors.

This may seem like a negativity, but this is encouraging because once you realize this, it will help you jump over, go through, or tear down your walls.

Who would you be if you lost your profession, hobbies, or talents?

For instance, say you were a painter, and one day you tragically became paralyzed. You could no longer hold a brush in your hand or move your arm. How would you define yourself? Would you still be you?

It’s necessary to experience sadness & negativity

The only way to truly enjoy happiness and positivity is to sometimes experience sadness and negative. And really, there’s no way around it, life is going to toss you tough time.

Happiness is beauty

When you are happy, you are beautiful. It doesn’t matter what you look like, the true measure of your beauty is your happiness.

You can look back but don’t try to turn back

The best way to drive down the road of life is too often look in the rearview mirror but not turn the car around. It’s important to reflect on the past but you need to keep moving forward.

To achieve your dreams, you need someone who doesn’t believe in you

Every person who has achieved amazing success has had someone who doesn’t believe in them. Even more likely is that they had numerous people who didn’t believe in them.

So don’t worry that you have naysayers – be concerned when you don’t – use them in a good way to motivate you.

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Misc | February 5th, 2010 | Written by Andrew Galasetti