Hurricane Sandy

As a Jersey Shore resident, I have experienced the destruction that Hurricane Sandy has brought to communities. I have also seen how hard organizations such as the American Red Cross are working to keep people safe, warm, and fed as we move into the colder months.

If you’re able, please consider helping with a small donation to the Red Cross here: or please visit this link at for a list of other ways to help:

New Jersey and New York are so thankful to everyone around the country and the world who have helped in any way.

Thank you,


By Andrew Galasetti | Misc | November 10th, 2012

To Breathe Free Kickstarter Update

For those who have been following the publishing of my debut novel, To Breathe Free, I wanted to share my latest Kickstarter update. It thanks my supporters for allowing me more time and outlines what I’m working on with my manuscript.

I welcome you to read the update here:



By Andrew Galasetti | Misc | October 14th, 2012

Lyved’s favorite articles

Every now and then I like to link to some of Lyved’s popular and notable articles. For long time readers, you can find your favorites and re-read them. For newer readers, this allows you to delve deeper into Lyved’s archive if you haven’t had a chance yet.

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By Andrew Galasetti | Misc | September 1st, 2012

3 things to know about trusting your gut and trusting your heart

When you’re facing a fear, pursuing a dream, doing something new and different, or living your life, you will rely on trusting your gut and your heart most likely every day.

I can’t—and no one else can—tell you how to trust your gut and your heart. However, to help you here are three things to know.

1. Your gut, heart, and your mind are always connected but not always in agreement

Self-doubt, worry, and negativity lives in the mind.

Always go with your heart. That is where truth, positivity, and the right thing to do lives.

2. Sometimes you will “fail” when trusting your heart

None of us are perfect and our hearts aren’t either. But you must stay loyal to your heart because your heart will remain loyal to you. Together you will reach where you want and need to be.

3. Your gut is for short distances; your heart is for the journey

Your gut will help with quick decisions and out-of-nowhere obstacles but your heart will fuel you and sustain you, through all your adversities, successes, journeys, and for life.

Trust your heart.

Photo by David Goehring

By Andrew Galasetti | Body & Soul | August 9th, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you everyone! Our Kickstarter project succeeded today.

Thank you for believing in my Grandfather’s dreams and my own dreams.



By Andrew Galasetti | Misc | July 19th, 2012