The Zombies Of Life

This is a guest post.

No, this isn’t a post about an upcoming horror movie, but a troublesome group of people in society. They’re Zombies. Negative, dreamless, bitter and lazy people. Zombies don’t want to excel in anything which challenges them to think and make improvements in their lives. They blame the world for their problems. Membership is open to anyone feeling hopeless, unloved or dissatisfied with life. Subdivisions of the Zombies group are Party People, Disgruntled Workers and Dream Smashers.


These people want to have a good time ALL THE TIME! Once in awhile they mention their dreams, but it’s hard to accomplish them because it takes self discipline and sacrifice. Party people look forward to the end of the week not the future. Why make sacrifices for a better life when you can have instant gratification? It’s more fun drinking booze, taking women home and getting high.

It seems as if they’re living a wonderful and carefree life. But when you examine their lives it’s a culmination of irresponsibility, immaturity and neglect. There’s no balance between work and play.

They hate their job but are too scared and lazy to make a change. Party people complain of an unsatisfactory life and envy those chasing their dreams.

They waste social opportunities with fruitless posing and meaningless conversation. Of course, this definition doesn’t apply to all Party People. Everyone isn’t the same.


These people are always grousing. They don’t like their boss and co- workers because of in competency or bad behavior. It’s the same story of office politics and how their such a great worker in a crazy and hostile atmosphere.

By listening to the daily stories of displeasure you wonder why are they still there. Most of them will give poor excuses: “I have bills to pay”, “It’s hard getting a new job because of the recession” or “I’ll be retiring soon.”

Disgruntled workers are those not willing to make a difference in their life. They want sympathy and a shoulder to cry on not a solution to their problems. This category of people enjoy going home to numb away the pain through entertainment, sex or other activities.

Physical stimulation takes precedence over attending networking functions and updating a resume. Also, their conversation usually revolves around the job they hate. If you change the topic, he or she will find a way to tie it in with the workplace.


Dream Smashers are former dreamers who delight in telling people the impossibilities of achieving their goals. Please don’t share your dreams with this group. They’ll lecture you on “living in the real world” and drive you into depression with sarcasm and limiting beliefs.

They are experts in living a safe and comfortable life. Dream Smashers don’t want to take risks because there’s a chance of failure and embarrassment. This group reminisces of earlier years when enthusiasm permeated their bones. They were fearless and optimistic. Disappointment and failure removed an ecstatic and carefree attitude and replaced it with pessimism and cynicism.

WARNING! Do not join these groups. Reject their advances. Create you life by taking action and surrounding yourself with DOERS not LOSERS!

Written by Omar Hasan

Omar Hasan is the author of the upcoming ebook “The Disappearance of Hate”. He’s a Blogger and Screenwriter from Brooklyn, NY. His blog focuses on inspiring and motivating people to achieve dreams and goals.

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People | October 8th, 2009 | Written by Guest writer