7 tips to help you escape a rut in your life

No matter who you are, this is something we all can relate to. We’ve all had a point in our lives where we just can’t seem to escape, we’re stuck. Whether you are stuck at a boring job, stuck in school, or stuck financially, there’s ways that you can begin your escape. Hope is plentiful, things will eventually change, even if you currently don’t see how. To speed up the process and to escape a rut, here are 7 tips.

1. Plan

To get unstuck you need to know where you want to head and what your first step in that direction needs to be. Write down, in a notebook, everything you view as being the point where you’ve finally escaped your rut. That may be when you’re owning your own business or when you have a million dollars. Then after that, write down what it will take for you to get there.

2. Take steps

Every single day, you MUST take a step to get out of this ditch. There’s no reason you can’t. Even a baby step that takes five minutes will help tremendously.

3. Partner with someone

Fitness experts recommend this to people who want to lose weight. Partner with a friend who also wants to achieve major goals and dreams. You’ll be able to keep each other motivated and even put a little bit of positive pressure on one another.

4. Keep track

With every little success and every little failure, keep note of them. Even create a time line so that you can look back. Each successful step will motivate you to the next. Even failures can motivate you to achieve greatness.

5. Mentally eliminate the rut

Perhaps you’re the one who created this rut. May be you aren’t stuck at all. Readjust your thinking and the hole you’re trapped in could disappear.

6. Change your routine

When you have the “same old” routine everyday, you’ll quickly feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Modify your routine, spice it up, switch things around, or add some new things to your routine.

7. Endure

If you have a lot of patience, then simply endure your time stuck in a rut. Things are never permanent and will eventually change. However, it’s better if you are in control.

Success | March 26th, 2008 | Written by Andrew Galasetti